The Make


We work with a small family owned workshop, Castellari Diffusion, near Varese, Italy. Casterllari Diffusion is one of the few factories whom agreed to work with us to develop our bags, many factories were not up for the challenge. The factory employs 10-15 warm & kind employees, with a love for the trade and artisanship, they thrive on improvement and growth and welcome production challenges and creative- innovation.
We work very closely on orders, with visits of 3-7 full days of close work at the factory to insure precision and perfection in every bag. They work from 07:00-17:00 with 1.5 hours lunch break and are paid fairly, in just working conditions.
Their work is very personal and by hand, without many advanced machines/technologies. The way we believe bag making should be done, a form of art which has been, for the most part, lost in todays world.



Cruelty-free & Vegan
The Italian crafted MOODULAR bag is 100% Cruelty-free & Vegan and PETA Approved. Composed of handpicked vegan leather made from Microfibers and Polyurethane of the highest technological make. Our fabrics are Italian made; the composition of all fabrics, reinforcement materials & glues has been examined and certified Cruelty-Free & Vegan. We have carefully tested the materials we use to assure the highest of quality for maximum use and comfort whilst still maintaining our core values. In addition, we strive daily to grow & improve, in order to provide the consumer with the best resources available on the market.
All our fabrics are Made in Italy and abide by strict EU Environmental Standards. In addition and as a direct result of our unique Patent-Pending design of multiple bags in one, the production of our bags requires 75% less material than almost all other brands.
How is it done?
1. Our MOODULAR feature, the Two-Faced (double-sided) Faces directly transform One bag to be the equivalent of 4 bags. (no matter the physical size). This affords the flexibility to endlessly update bag faces and transform an infinite number of bags in One.
2. Our modular feature transforms the physical thickness of our bags without limitations, to be the equivalent of infinite types of bags in One. The design structure enables an endless equation which results in substantially decreased use of materials - 75% to be exact.
3. As part of our advocacy for slow fashion and to save our planet from unnecessary waste, our bags are handcrafted and Made-to-Order due to their personalized design, our strategy results in the production of solely what is ordered rather than stacking shelves with inventory.