Tips, Care & Repair

Tips, Care & Repair


1. How do I care for my MOODULAR bag and components?

All MOODULAR products are designed and created carefully to offer maximum durability & comfort for your convenience.

• The Eden logo on the Front face & metallic clasps on the straps have an added layer of protection against scratches.

• The exclusive metallic YKK zippers we use have additional coatings against pollution, humidity & high rub resistance.

• All of our fabrics (exterior & interior) are handpicked and tested to provide maximum resistance: waterproof and easy to clean.

**With the exception for the Gold glitter fabric found in our current collection, it is water-repellent and we advise to place it on clean surfaces. Due to it’s sensitive texture and make, it is not easy to clean.

A. You can clean the exterior of your bag with: baby wipes or a wet cloth.

B. You can clean the interior of your bag with: baby wipes, a wet cloth or for tougher stains we suggest a damp tooth brush with a dab of soap and a light scrub, then clean with a wet cloth.

C. For cleaning the metallic hardware and zippers we advise a baby wipe or a wet cloth.

D. Do not place the bag and its’ components in the washing machine, it is not machine washable.

E. Do not wash your bag in the sink; it will damage the zippers, metallic hardware and over all interior construction.

F. Any writing or stains from the following will not be removable: Permanent markers, any writing utensils and makeup products.

G. We do not advise leaving your bag exposed to extreme temperatures for long periods of time.

H. The bag and components are not flame-retardant.

2. Tips

The MOODULAR bags are a lot like a new pair of jeans, they take some wear until softened for a comfortable fit. At Eden, we’ve dedicated our efforts to developing numerous prototypes of our patent pending design to assure ease & comfortable use. With that in mind, some materials may take time to soften:

A. The loops of the strap attachments on the Front & Back Faces take some wear in order to expand and provide optimal comfort when attaching and detaching the straps.

B. The exclusive custom made YKK zippers used on the Front & Back Faces take some wear to soften and expand to provide maximum zipping comfort.

C. Adjusting the length of the straps via the custom made buckle on them, takes some wear until straps are softened for optimal comfort and use.

3. How will I know HOW-TO use my MOODULAR?

No worries, we’ve got you covered! Inside your package along with your order you will find a little note from us and a QR Code. The QR Code will take you to a hidden video on the web, this video will be your MOODULAR Guide. Our Founder & CEO, Eden Maman, explains everything you need to know in order to assemble your MOODULAR.

4. How can I get an item repaired?

Eden warrants that all products purchased online at are of superior quality and free from material or workmanship defects, provided they re subject to normal use. Eden will repair or replace, in accordance with the provisions of this warranty policy, any Eden product during a one year period from the date of delivery if it is determined that the product has a material or manufacture defect.

This warranty does not cover damage to Eden products caused by accident, misuse and abuse, modification, attempt repair, negligence after purchase and ordinary wear & tear.

For repair of items falling under the terms listed above, Please contact us at and we will provide you with support & instructions.