About Eden

Eden was founded in January of 2017 by Eden Maman, an Israeli Fashion Designer & Entrepreneur. Rooted on embracing the different, the ethical, the honest, with the objective not to be another high-end vegan fashion brand, but to use this platform to send a message; make a change and a difference to help the world evolve : to push the human race forward.
Our views are of a balanced world based on the Yin & the Yang, acknowledging our world isn’t black or white, but black and white. Humanity, As a society and species, has lost it’s balance; as a result from over consumption of materialistic objects and behavioral trends we have become detached from our environment. Therefore, our goal is to raise awareness for our Environment, Wildlife & Human Rights to return the balance and save our beautiful planet.
For decades the marketing of bags has been marketing an accessory focused on convincing the consumer what it is they want, when a bag; like shoes, is a commodity- something they need. With that in mind, we’ve dedicated 2 years to designing and developing a bag that is functional, practical and fashionable. In todays day & age, we rarely encounter women without a bag, it’s a survival kit, thus the focus shouldn’t be on it’s presentation; an object which adds style- that’s the added value, the focus is on how the bag serves the user.
The core values we pride in, are ones of purity:
> We stand firm on an ethical production for our products; we believe in fair trade, terms & conditions for the people whom make our products. Quality over Quantity, is a consensus in our creative language and the reason we handpicked a small factory in Varese, Italy, where our products are handmade by an Italian craftsman to perfection and with love.
> We believe, in our manner and being, we’re of no higher value than any human, animal or environment. The creation of a quality product shouldn’t result from/in harm, which is the reason we’re Cruelty-Free Vegan & Eco-friendly, using the highest quality of vegan materials & production methods.
> We are proud advocates of the Slow Fashion movement. As a direct result of fast fashion, we; as a society, have become impatient -materialistic hunters with loss of appreciation for quality, addicted to the high of feeling rich because we can accumulate quantities at such low prices; when realistically we’re poor & endlessly attempting to fill a void fast fashion will never fill.
**The beauty of our slow fashion is in its methods of carefully picked materials, precision of handmad production, and the fact in which we do not produce for the sake of stacking shelves with inventory; but solely when an order is placed. By doing so we substantially create less waste & harm to the environment.