The Bag


The MOODULAR bag holds the first patent pending design of its kind, rendering it the first ever modular bag to feature double-sided components. The uniqueness of the design enables the user to transform without end the exterior design of ONE bag as well as its physical thickness; continuously adapting to the users needs, resulting in a product which modifies itself to the user, rather than the common- known issue of vise versa.
We’ve dedicated two years to developing a bag which is functional, practical and luxurious; because we believe the consumer deserves a finished product, fulfilling its full potential to its highest extent, without compromise of design, quality, functionality and comfort.
The MOODULAR bag is made with carefully designed pockets, measured and placed to best fit the user, a water-proof- easy to clean- interior and exterior. Exclusive custom designed and made metallic hardware to posses beauty, practicality and functionality made nickel-free along with custom YKK zippers, made with specific features for our patent pending design.